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2019-20 CE Class Schedule


December 2019

12/7/19| Trigger Point for the Lower Back, Legs & Feet | 4 CE credits

4 CEU class focusing on trigger point therapy for the Lower back, legs and feet. The course will include trigger point techniques using the fingers, thumbs and most importantly how to use your forearms and elbows to reach deeper tissue layers and sustain the pressure needed to obtain release. Class will include instructor demonstration of all techniques followed my plenty of time to practice these techniques on your fellow classmates. There will be a lunch break, lots of places close to the school or you can bring your own lunch. Bring a set of sheets, lubricant of choice and note taking materials.  Paypal, credit Card, Venmo (@pnwmassageacademy), check or cash are accepted. 

Time:  10am to 3pm

Cost: $125 , ( $100 for therapists that attend the Nov 2th upper body class) 

Instructor:  Travis Ramberg, LMT

"I attended November 2 TrP class" rate

12/13/19| Deep Tissue Techniques of Respiratory Muscles | 6 CE credits

This class focuses on the muscles of respiration such as the intercostals, the scalenes, pectoralis minor, the diaphragm, and others.  Suzanne will discuss the body mind connection regarding breath, and will demonstrate deep tissue sculpting techniques and allow plenty of time for practice during class.  These techniques are great for working with athletes, singers, those with chronic breathing issues, or for clients who want to achieve taking deeper breaths for stress reduction and relaxation.  There will be a 60 minute lunch break; you are welcome to bring your lunch or choose from the many food locations around the school.

Bring a set of sheets, extra towel/pillow case, and lubricant.     Friday December 13th, 2019

Time: 10am to 5pm 

Cost: $175    

Instructor: Suzanne Reynolds

12/15/19| CBD & Oils Education- Brunch and Blend

Join us for an afternoon of fun and education.  Learn how to use CBD and Essential Oils for a powerful combination to enhance and add to the massage experience.  Continuing education credits available.  Sunday December 15th, 2019

     Comes with:

  •        2 ounce bottle massage oil

  •        500 mg pure CBD

  •        A choice of using various essential oils

  •        Drinks and a lite brunch

Time: 12pm to 2pm

Cost: $50 for individuals;  $75 for professionals who seek continuing education 

Instructor: Misty DeWitt

12/17/19| CPR and First Aid Training - 2 Year Certification

This is a 4 hour course covering 1st aid and CPR for massage therapist and other adult layperson that require a 2 year certification. It includes your Red Cross card.    

Time: 4pm to 8pm

Cost: $80    

Instructor: Suzanne Reynolds

January 2020

1/6/20 | Holistic Chamber of Commerce Meeting | 6pm to 8pm

We will be hosting the meeting of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce. 

For more information please contact or go to:

1/18/20 & 1/19/20 | Continuing Education Extravaganza| 8 CE per day or 16 CE credits both days

8 different 2-hour courses taught by 8 different instructors.
Join us for 1 day or 2 you choose!

Many of these courses are introductions to different modalities. further continuing education may be available, if interested please ask your instructors for more info.

Saturday Jan. 18th
9 am:  Deep Tissue of the Low back and Hips- Instructor Susan Pagon LMT
This session will include a review of the muscles of the low back and hip region. Followed by demonstration of effective deep tissue and stretching techniques to relieve low back pain and increase ROM in the hip. Treatment time will be given to practice the techniques that were demonstrated.

11:15 am:  Thai Massage for the Table- Instructor Gail Lordi LMT
This class teaches the fundamental Thai massage techniques such as stretching, gentle rocking and rhythmic compression along energy lines while still working on a massage table.

1:45 pm:  CBD oils for Massage Therapy- Instructor Connie Burgstahler LMT
Connie will be introducing the use of CBD products in Manual therapies. This will include the benefits of CBD and the different ways it can be applied and demonstration. Samples will be provided

4:00pm:   Meditation- Instructor Melissa Johns LMT
Melissa will be introducing you to the fundamentals of meditation and the many different uses of this ancient healing art. Then will lead a meditation circle for the class to enjoy at the end of the class day.

Sunday Jan. 19th
9 am:  Energy Basics for Bodyworkers- Greg Asbury, Shaman
Greg will cover energetic grounding and protection for bodyworkers, including personal and professional energetic boundaries between LMTs and their clients.

11:15 am:   Whole Health Vibration- Instructor Misty DeWitt- BS Natural medicine
Instructor Misty Dewitt will be introducing the class to the benefits and uses of vibrational therapy. There will be vibration machines on hand for the students to experience for themselves.

1:45 pm:   Sculpting of the (IT) Ilio-tibial band-Instructor Suzanne Reynolds LMT
Instructor Suzanne Reynolds will be demonstrating muscle sculpting techniques of the IT band and its related muscles and connective tissue. Treatment time will be given to practice the techniques that were demonstrated.

4 pm: Deep Limbic Release- Instructor Jim Newman LMT
DLR is a massage based approach to help facilitate recovery from emotional trauma and complex PTSD. Jim will demonstrate a DLR session and discuss some of the benefits and uses in conjunction with manual therapies.

Cost: 1 day (Sat or Sun) $185   Sat and Sun- $325
Payment: Paypal go to  Continuing Ed classes
Venmo: @PNWMassageAcademy or call us to schedule a payment by cash check or charge
Bring a set of sheets and lotion for each day you attend
Note taking materials and lunch or snacks. there will be a 30 min lunch break after the 2nd session each day

Don’t hesitate to reserve your spot limited space is available for each day.


Saturday Jan. 18 2020
Sunday Jan. 19 2020
Saturday & Sunday Jan. 18&19 2020

1/26/20| Ethics of Massage and Bodywork | 4 CE credits

 4 hour ethics class that will fulfill your Massage Therapy CEU requirements for Washington and Oregon. This will be an open forum discussion about the hot button topics of massage therapy and bodywork. Cost of the course is $100 payable by Paypal (click the link below) Venmo @pnw massage Academy or contact us at 360-869-3005 to arrange payment by credit card, check or cash. Feel free to bring snacks or lunch with you and note taking materials.

Time:  11am to 3pm

Instructors: Travis Ramberg LMT & Suzanne Reynolds LMT

Cost: $100

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Email us with your thoughts of continuing education classes you would like to see in the future! 

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