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Questions About Our Program?

What Separates Pacific Northwest Massage Academy from other?

Your student liability insurance is INCLUDED

  • Instructors with extensive experience and instruction in the massage therapy field 

    • All instructors have practiced and taught in various educational facilities

  • Focus in holistic practice, which includes-

    • Contemporary massage practices and techniques

      • Additional 80 hours of in class instruction

      • 16 hours of training in Pregnancy and Sports massage

      • Extensive Deep Tissue and Treatment techniques

      • Kinesio Taping, Cupping and Gua sha (scraping) INCLUDED

      • Eastern Theory and energetic modalities including Thai massage

      • Body/Mind concepts INCLUDED

      • Intro to Spa theory and techniques including aromatherapy INCLUDED

    • Small classes with one-on-one training

    • MBLEx exam prep class INCLUDED

    • Career and job outreach INCLUDED

    • WE ARE Community Minded

What is our schedule like?

We offer day and night classes to accommodate your schedule.

Day classes are held 10 am-2 pm

Night classes are held 6 pm-10 pm

All classes are held Monday through Thursday.

*Some Saturdays may be required- Student clinic, events, etc..

We will help you find placements at places like:

  • Yoga and Wellness Centers​

  • Day Spas

  • ​Outcall/Mobile Massage

  • Independent contractor

  • Chiropractors

  • Injury and Rehab facilities

  • Massage franchises

    • Hand & Stone​

    • Massage Envy

  • And many more.....

We meet the requirements by the government

Washington state requires 625 hours of education to become eligibility for massage therapy licensing; Oregon requires 625 hours of education.

At PNWMA, our professional massage therapy training program is 42 weeks in duration, a total of 725 hours. After training, you'll take your state-mandated Massage & Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEX) to receive your Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) license from the Washington State Board of Massage.

Follow links below for Washington and Oregon Requirements for Massage Therapy:

Washington State requirements:

Oregon State requirements:

Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (MBLex test and requirements)


Take A Look At Our 2022 MBLEx Pass Rates!

Our students pass the first-time at a rate 19% higher than the National Average.

Interested in Transferring?

The student is required to contact their previous school and order an official transcript to be delivered to PNWMA. When the school has received the official transcript, we will contact the prospective student and set up a meeting to go over the records with them. (this can be in person or on zoom)

If it is clear that the previous class(es) fulfill the PNWMA requirements the student will be scheduled to test out of the class.

Lecture based classes (A&P, Kinesiology, Pathology and Business) can be given partial credit depending on the subject area covered when previously taken.

Bodywork based classes (intro to Massage, Deep Tissue and Treatment etc.) The prospective student must fully demonstrate competence in all areas of the subject matter. They will get full credit for the hours or must take the class at PNWMA.

If the class requires hands-on bodywork to pass then the prospective student will demonstrate their skills on Suzanne Reynolds or Travis Ramberg.

To receive full credit the student must take all tests listed on the class syllabus for that subject area and pass with a 75% or higher grade on each test.

If the student passes the test, they will be given credit for the class they will receive a “pass” on their transcript and will be excused from taking that class.

If the prospective student doesn’t pass with a 75% or higher, they will be required to take the class in the PNWMA program.

After evaluation and testing of the classes in question the students, tuition will be based on the total hours that they are still required to take.

Example: Student has 600 remaining hours to complete the program.

The tuition rate is $25 a credit. 600 x $20= $15,000 would be the base tuition.

Individual testing costs can be added into the total tuition if they choose.

Transfer student costs:

Transcript evaluation fee: $100

Cost per credit hour: $25

Test per class: $150

Our Program

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