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Releasing Adhesions Intuitively| 6 hrs

Date Held: Aug 27th, 2022.

Time: 9am-3pm

*Bring your own sheets

An intuitive non-aggressive approach to finding and releasing adhesions with Denise Champion, LMP.

In this class you will learn:

  • How to explain intuitive work to your client

  • How to find adhesions using passive manipulation

  • How to resolve adhesions with an effective minimalistic approach

You will also learn:

  • How to listen to muscle movement

  • How to find the root of a problem muscle or muscle group

  • How to release muscles with minimal pain or discomfort

  • How to set up an effective treatment plan for the client

  • and More!

Who is this class good for?

  • This class is for all levels!

  • Therapists who are seasons and need to add a new approach to repetitive issues in clients

  • Therapists who want results with less pain for the client

  • Beginning therapists who want to learn how to tune into the body.

To Register, go to the 'Book Online' section of our website

Or email us at

Date held: Aug 27th (9am-3pm)

Cost: $180

Cost for Students: $100

Instructor: Denise Champion, LMP


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